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"Martin took on a difficult case, in a region that is very conservative, law and order, black and white mentality, that would challenge the status quo, and possible sensibilities of those who would judge not on the merits of the case, but more on the initial impression and subsequent emotions of the case. In spite of a very conservative judge assigned to handle the case, the judgement was in our favor. Martin is an intelligent, hard working and upcoming attorney in the State of Alabama, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking quality legal representation."


"Martin is an outstanding attorney and handles legal matters in an intelligent and efficient manner. He has a reputation for winning cases that would not seem to be winable."


"I would highly recommend Attorney Martin Poynter. Martin handled my legal matter quickly and to my utmost satisfaction. I found Martin to be knowledgeable and thorough in his work performed and I would not hesitate to seek his legal advice and services in the future."